This keyboard, of unknown brand or model was on the curb...
So i opened it up to see what was useful, it had got fresh potting soil and watered,
so i was skeptical about it's condition. Luckly when i opened it up it wasnt too bad,
and there was NO RUST! One speaker ruined from water and dirt, buttons broken ect,
but the guts were fine! It still worked once it was removed, rinsed, dried, and volume control bypassed(was broken)

Here is PROOF that the chip is removable:

Main chip pic #1 Obviously not easy to remove, but do-able.

Main chip pic #2 Other side, different colour circuitboard.

So ive proved beyond a doubt that if you dont have money, or creditcard, bankaccount, mailing address ect,
you can still make a small midi player to fit inside any decoration you want, just add arduino(AVR) (or PIC) and RTTTL!
if you dont feel like desoldering all those pins... you can just hook up the midi-in connector to your microcontroller project.
Arduino Mega1280 sample/demo .PDE code and MORE PICTURES follow.

demo code View directly with JPG (tip: zoom way in)

Whole circuitboard.

Main chip pic #3 Also showing the connectors for the keys.

Audio Amplifier It's heatsink is in the way but trust me, it's a TEA2025B.

Audio Op-AMP Nothing special.

Misc. Rear view.

Midi logic and opto-iso Logic is for in/out/THROUGH, just a NAND gate.

Front panel was here Now it's a mystery. Got the 10 LEDs tho...

7 Seg. 3 Dig. LED display Hmm with wires attached too!

Of noticeable mention are the following:

TEA2025B audio amp, > 2.3w @ 4 ohms @ 9v, this one works on between 3 and 12 volts.

Main black-epoxy-blob IS REMOVABLE! ... free reusable all in one midi chip! (keyboard/midi-play/midi-out/midi-replay)

3dig.7seg. LED display, other misc. like jacks.